500 North Kingsbury Street (400W)
Chicago, Illinois
(312) 527-5800

DIRECTIONS : The East Bank Club is located in downtown Chicago about one mile North of the Sears (Willis) Tower.

(1) From the Sears Tower - take FRANKLIN (North) to HUBBARD (about one mile).
--- (Franklin becomes a one-way street (going North) at the Chicago River. Hubbard is the first stop light past the bridge.)

(2) At Hubbard turn LEFT (West). Take HUBBARD to KINGSBURY.
--- (Hubbard ends at Kingsbury so you will see the East Bank Club (EBC) directly in front of you.)

(3) Turn LEFT onto Kingsbury.

(4) Just before you get to the corner - on your right -- you will see a ramp leading down to the EBC parking lot.

NOTE : The outside entrance to the EBC is also on this corner. If you have passengers, you can let them out before you go down the ramp.
You can also let them out right after you go through the parking gate - this is where the inside entrance from the garage is located.

NOTE : YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR PARKING. Bring your Parking Ticket in with you so that we can Stamp it as "PAID."

NOTE : There is also outdoor parking across the street from the EBC.

If you have Questions or Problems -- Call us at (630) 306-2019


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