In Memoriam



Lucinda Sanford Acker

1927 -- 2010

Tribute Page : Lucinda's Grandson : Bryan Sanford

(Thankgiving 2005)


Just what can be said about a woman so great
Who possesses a host of God’s very own traits
A woman of virtue, ever taking the lead
Always seeking to meet another one’s need

A fine use of wisdom to make the right choices
Your name has brought praises from hundreds of voices
I’ve never met someone whose faith is so strong
In the bosom of Heaven is where you belong

I must tell you what an example you’ve been
You’ve shown that with Christ you can defeat sin
Even when your health failed you, and the outcome looked bleak
It was the Lord’s will every morning you’d seek

Your life has been one that is surely worth living
Your unselfish spirit is constantly giving
The backbone of the family, representing what’s true
You’ve kept us together; you, indeed, are the glue

The Lord has blessed you with so much good sense
You speak only truth and your words never mince
A heart full of love and a mind to discern
A crown full of jewels is what you have earned

Not just for your works, but also your faith
You’ve remained in God’s arms where He’s kept you safe
And on top of that, He’s given you peace
No wonder your hope and trust never cease

You’re a woman of God with many resources
Your gifts and talents are just two of your forces
I don’t know if there lives a much better witness
In goodness and mercy you have proved your fitness

Your influence on me is still going today
I’m glad that for me you decided to pray
Thank you for the trips up to all those camp meetings
And even for those occasional beatings

You expressed yourself best with jabs of tough love
And a rod-iron fist, which you swung with no glove
We had to learn quickly to abide by your rules
You made it quite clear, you were raising no fools

One of your fun pastimes, B.B. King and the blues
And watching Bill Kurtis on the CBS News
You kept a fine house, not a day ever passed
When you did not show a great measure of class

A hospitable heart to welcome your guests
A body in motion that seldom takes rests
Always kept a clear head, never cloudy or smoky
You worked hard every day, all the way out in Skokie

I remember those times you took me to the dentist
And those visits to church with all those Adventists
You kept sowing good seeds when I cared the least
And had faith that the Lord would give the increase

Let us not forget all the meals that you made
Had you opened a diner, you would have been paid
Your creations were wholesome, to our ribs they’d be stickin’
Mashed potatoes, green beans, and some homemade fried chicken

Now that was the stuff I was talkin’ about
When it comes to the kitchen, you’ve still got the clout
Making all kinds of goodies, just whippin’ them up
Needing only your hand for a measuring cup

On holiday evenings, there’s no need to search
The fish fry is on, oh yeah, whiting and perch
I thank God for His mercy, placing me in your nest
Only now do I realize how much I’ve been blessed

You said common sense is the best way to see
And that type of wisdom comes with no degree
You developed my character as I cut the grass
For a whopping $2.50, but I made it last

Christ has kept you going for all of this time
Your faith has moved mountains, Jacob’s ladder you’ve climbed
Soldier of the cross is in truth what you are
With your eyes stayed on Jesus, He’s taken you far

You are a sound vessel through which God’s shown His power
Year after year, hour after hour
You submitted your will and became a great pawn
Utilized for God’s glory, now let’s all say…“Amen”!