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Why Project 2019 Will NOT Work
( Excuses, Objections, And Rationales )

On July 8th, I had the opportunity to discuss Project 2019 on the Mike Malloy radio talk show (WLS - AM). Although I was not surprised, I was certainly disappointed by the negative responses from a few blacks Americans who called the show to comment on my remarks. I am sure you agree that such "excuses, objections, and rationales" are only further proof of the value of and the necessity for Project 2019. Here is a sampling of the "excuses" and my responses to them:

"Lack of education is not the problem. Racism is the problem."
It is true that racism exists in America. However, racism has always existed in America and, undoubted, it always will. Therefore, what matters is the extent to which racism impedes the success of black Americans. During Slavery, racism was at least 95% of "the problem." During the Jim Crow era, racism accounted for between 40% and 60% of black America's problems. However, in the Equal Opportunity era, racism can be blamed for only about 10% of black America's failings. What has not changed is that black Americans are the least educated and least knowledgeable racial group in America. This was true in 1619. It is still true today. Therefore, if one accepts the truism that "knowledge is power," then lack of knowledge is clearly black America's "most critical problem."

"It is impossible to get a quality education in an impoverished black community."
Almost every college graduate that I know is a product of impoverished inner city schools. And it is worth noting that the only exceptions are the children of these college graduates. If black children are truly made to understand the importance of education, if a thirst for knowledge is instilled within them, then one way or another, they will get a "quality education." Indeed, if black youths were to spend half the time reading that they spend playing basketball, watching TV, and listening to rap music, black America would reach educational equality well before 2019.

"What does a college degree matter if you still can't find a job?"
Apparently, somewhere in America, there is at least one black college graduate who can not find a job. Personally, every black college graduate that I know has a job and is making considerably more money than black Americans who do not have college degrees. It may be true that black college graduates do not do as well as their white counterparts, but a big part of the reason is that they usually work for white bosses. However, even this would change if we had more black college graduates in the work force competing for and getting upper management positions.

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