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7 Reasons Why
Only Project 2019
Can Save Black America

(1) The Rationale And The Need For Project 2019 Are Irrefutable
In the 21st century, the preeminent reason that black Americans have the lowest socioeconomic status in America is because black Americans are the least educated and least knowledgeable racial group in America. Black America will continue to exist as an underclass until it achieves "educational equality."

(2) The Major Goal Of Project 2019 Is Specific And Precise
The major goal of Project 2019 is educational parity: specifically, to increase the level of formal education attained by black Americans to the same level of formal education attained by white Americans.

(3) The Progress Of Project 2019 Can Be Precisely Measured
The measurement of Project 2019's objective to reach educational parity is based on the percentage of black Americans who earn college degrees versus the percentage of white Americans who earn college degrees.

(4) Project 2019 Has A Beginning Date And An Ending Date
Project 2019 was announced on February 21, 1998. Project 2019 is to be completed by the year 2019, the 400th anniversary of the beginning of Slavery in America.

(5) Educational Equality Is An Attainable Goal
Black America now has the opportunity and the resources to reach educational equality by the year 2019. Black America only needs the vision and the resolve.

(6) The Success Of Project 2019 Is Solely Dependent On Black Americans
Project 2019 is the epitome of black self-reliance and self-determination. Racism can not prevent black Americans from going to libraries. Government aid is not required in order for black Americans to read books, magazines, and newspapers. Black Americans can no longer be prevented from acquiring knowledge.

(7) All Black Americans Can Participate In And Contribute To Project 2019
Tell other black Americans - especially black children - about Project 2019. Read to and with black children. Convince black children of the importance of education. Explain to black children that "knowledge is power."

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