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What Is Project 2019?

"Project 2019" is a National Movement by black Americans:
To reach "Educational Parity" with the rest of America -- as measured by college degrees earned
By the year 2019 -- the 400th anniversary of the beginning of Slavery in America.

Based on percentages of population:
-- White Americans and Asian-Americans earn TWICE as many college degrees as black Americans
-- 86% of whites graduate from high school versus only 80% of black Americans
-- Black Americans are dead LAST (behind whites, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, and Native Americans) in reading proficiency, math proficiency, and science proficiency

In the technology based global economy of the 21st century there is no need to discriminate against black Americans based on skin color. "De facto educational discrimination" produces the same results -- and it is not illegal.

We Must Accept The Irrefutable FACT That Black Americans Will...
NEVER Attain Social and Economic Equality in America
UNTIL Black Americans Reach Educational Parity in America.

NOWLEDGE IS POWER. White America has always clearly understood and wholeheartedly believed this truism. It is the reason why...
-- It was illegal to educate black Americans during 246 years of Slavery (64% of the time blacks have been in America).
-- It is the reason why black Americans received separate, substandard education during the 103 years of the Jim Crow era (27% of the time that blacks have been in America).
-- It has only been during the first 40-plus years of the Equal Opportunity era (9% of the time blacks have been in America) that all black Americans have had the opportunity to obtain knowledge and compete on a nearly level playing field in America.

Knowledge Is Power. And, as long as black Americans remain the least educated and the least knowledgeable people in America, black Americans will remain the people with the least amount of power in America.

here has always been racism and there will always be racism in America. However, in the 21st century, the amount and the nature of racism cannot prevent black Americans from becoming the most educated, the most knowledgeable, and therefore, one of the most successful segments of the American population.

Only Project 2019 Can Save Black America Because:
-- Reaching educational parity is a positive, necessary, attainable goal
-- Project 2019 is a thoughtful, rational "strategy"
-- Project 2019 has specific, measurable objectives
-- Project 2019 has a specific (and historically significant) completion date
-- The success of Project 2019 is solely dependent on black Americans
-- All black Americans can participate and contribute to Project 2019
-- Project 2019 can unite black America for the first time in decades
-- Only Project 2019 is "guaranteed" to improve the socioeconomic standing of black America

Education and knowledge is the "gateway" that will lead to the solutions to all the problems that afflict black America.

How black Americans respond to The Project 2019 Challenge will speak volumes about the resilience, the resourcefulness, the strength of character, and the pride of black America.

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