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What Black Leaders Are Not Telling Black Americans

· Truth # 1: Black Americans Have Won Their Struggle For Civil Rights In America.

· Truth # 2: In The Foreseeable Future, There Will Be Racism In America.

· Truth # 3: The Nature And The Amount Of Racism In America Today Can Not Prevent Black Americans From Becoming One Of The Most Educated, One Of The Most Knowledgeable, And, Therefore, One Of The Most Successful Segments Of The American Population.

· Truth # 4: Knowledge Is Power. And Education And Knowledge Is The Gateway That Will lead To The Solutions To All The Problems That Afflict Black America.

· Truth # 5: Black Americans Will Never Attain Social And Economic Equality In America Until Black Americans Attain Educational Parity With The Rest Of America.

· Truth # 6: In The Year 2003, The Best Way To Acquire Knowledge Is Through Formal Education.

· Truth # 7: White America Will Never Give Black Americans "40 Acres And A Mule."

· Truth # 8: Only Black Americans Can Save Black America. And Only Black Americans Will Save Black America.

· Truth # 9: Black America Must Realize The Urgency Of The Mission.

· Truth # 10: No Single One Individual Can Save Black America. We Must Have A "National Movement" In Order To Save Black America.

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