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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Project 2019?
Project 2019 is a movement by black America to reach educational parity with the rest of America by the year 2019.

What Is Wrong With Black America That Project 2019 Will Correct?
In the 21st century, the preeminent reason that black Americans have the lowest socioeconomic status in America is because black Americans are the least educated and least knowledgeable racial group in America. The basis for Project 2019 is the irrefutable truth that black America will Never attain socioeconomic equality in America Until black America attains educational parity with the rest of America.

What Is The Major Goal Of Project 2019?
The major goal of Project 2019 is educational parity for black America: specifically, to increase the level of formal education attained by black Americans to the same level of formal education attained by all other Americans.

How Is This Goal To Be Tracked And Measured?
Educational parity is to be tracked and measured based on the percentages of college degrees (bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, doctoral degrees, law degrees, medical degrees, etc.) attained by white and Asian Americans versus black Americans. This objective is to be completed by the year 2019.

What Is The Significance Of The Year 2019?
The year 2019 will be the 400th anniversary of the beginning of Slavery in the United States of America.

What Is Different And Unique About Project 2019?
Project 2019 has a specific, measurable goal with a specific completion date and every black American can contribute to the success of Project 2019.

How Can I Contribute To The Success Of Project 2019?
You can begin by telling everyone you know about Project 2019. Purchase one or more copies of the book, "Project 2019." Participate in the dialogue by submitting your questions or comments to the Project 2019 Web site. Start a Project 2019 Chapter in your neighborhood, your church, or your school. Click here to Donate One Dollar (or more) to Project 2019. For more information, view (click on) the How You Can Help The Movement

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